Why you should work at Martela

"Take your pleasure seriously."

This advice, which was given by Charles Eames, is taken very seriously at Vitra. It is our intention to fill it with life and substance.

We aim to counteract the standardization of working methods with simple structures which accommodate variability and change. Our work environments are efficiently organized, yet they offer inspiration because of their open structures.

Vitra is a family-owned company with a global range of development. Its international character starts right at our Swiss headquarters in Birsfelden, where employees from Switzerland and various other European countries come together on a daily basis. The same is true at our production facilities in Weil am Rhein, which are located eight kilometres from Birsfelden, just across the German border. This variety is a source of ideas for new projects and creative solutions.

Work environment

We are convinced that interiors and furnishings have an essential influence on people's motivation, performance and health.

The office should be a place which is open to change; it should be a place in which people feel comfortable. In the way that we outfit and furnish our office interiors, we constantly aim to achieve the ideal of an inspiring work environment. Our offices should reflect the fact that working hours are a valuable part of our daily lives.


All of our employees are engaged in a process of continuing development. Our functional and transparent organization allows and encourages direct interaction: we learn from and with one another.

Employee training takes place at the heart of the corporation, in Birsfelden and Weil am Rhein. Here we can demonstrate and communicate our values through the proximity of the Vitra Design Museum, our architecture, production facilities and headquarters.

An introductory, several-day programme for all new employees provides an initial overview of the company's organization, working methods and products.

Collective training events create an internal network which facilitates contact and support throughout all levels of the corporation and in all countries.

Vitra employees are part of a vital, energetic environment in which the presentation and exchange of individual ideas leads to practical solutions and concrete applications.

Career advancement

Martela is committed to constant improvements in organizational processes and working methods. Our offices have comfortable, home-like features which encourage personal interaction.

In addition to spontaneous interaction and direct contacts, we conduct annual employee reviews. These take the form of a personal conversation in which the supervisor assumes the role of a coach. Together with the employee, the areas of performance, teamwork skills and individual development opportunities are discussed. The major objective of the annual review is to recognize opportunities, to affirm personal strengths and to find solutions to any difficulties.


Our internal training programme assists employees in the development of their personal aims, professional skills and work methods. We offer training in many areas, including the following:

  • New Intake
  • Product Training/Product Refresher Courses
  • Marketing/Distribution
  • Communication/Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Time Management/Work Organization
  • Leadership
  • Language Skills
  • Specialised Workshops
Martela seeks people who bring enthusiasm and commitment to their work.

A significant part of our lives is spent at work. We expect our jobs to offer fulfilment, satisfaction, a good atmosphere and an opportunity for self-development. We want to find meaning in necessary activities, and to discover an element of fun in our work. The old-fashioned virtues of duty and subordination are replaced by active participation in corporate processes. We welcome individuals who ask questions, who bring a fresh perspective to problem-solving, and who are capable of reacting quickly—for even mistakes can be a step in the right direction.

We value the qualities of commitment, enthusiasm, flexibility and active cooperation with colleagues. In order to achieve our goals as a company, we need all of our employees to bring their lively intellects, skilful hands and a good portion of passion to the process.