Management compensation, benefits and incentive plans


The fees paid to the Chairman and to the members of the Board in 2011 totalled EUR 30,000 and EUR 75,000, respectively. However, no fees are paid to Board members employed by the company.

The total salaries and other benefits paid to Martela Corporation’s Managing Director in 2011 were EUR 239,000 (194,000). In addition, the Managing Director received EUR 22,000 (84,000) as bonuses and share-based incentives. The Managing Director is entitled to retire on a full pension at the age of 60. The period of notice of termination of contract is six months for both the Managing Director and the company. If the company gives notice of termination of contract, the Managing Director is entitled to one-off compensation equivalent to 18 months’ salary.

Bonus and incentive plans based on annual or shorter term performance are in place in the Group to promote the achievement of short-term objectives. The amount of the incentive is influenced mainly by performance indicators.

The remuneration of the Managing Director and the Group Management Team consists of a fixed basic salary, annual performance pay and a long-term share-based incentive plan. The Board of Directors decides the annual performance pay of the Managing Director and other key personnel of the Group as well as the terms and conditions of the long-term share-based incentive plan on the basis of a proposal by the Compensation Committee. The amount of performance pay for the Managing Director and the Group Management Team members is based not only on personal results but also on the financial performance of the entire Group and the unit. The annual performance pay of the Managing Director and the Group Management Team may be no more than 30-45 per cent of their annual taxable earnings excluding performance pay. The principal of one-over-one approval is observed within the Group, which means that all pay-related terms and conditions require approval from the supervisor or manager who appointed the person in question.

The Managing Director and Group management participate in a long-term share-based incentive plan. The plan offers Martela Corporation A shares when the targets set for the specified earnings period are attained. These periods are the calendar years 2010, 2010 and 2012.

Any incentives paid on the basis of the above scheme will be paid as a combination of shares and cash at the end of each earnings period. The maximum bonus for the entire scheme is 80,000 Martela Corporation A shares and an amount of cash that will cover taxes and similar charges, estimated at approximately the value of the shares to be paid. The extent to which the targets set for an earnings period are attained will determine how great a proportion of the maximum bonus will be paid to a key person.In 2011, key persons were given 21 870 Martela Corporation A series shares (based on the 2010 earning period). See the notes to the financial statements for information on the share-based incentive plan’s effect on the result for the year.

No other compensation is paid on the basis of membership of the Management Team or a subsidiary.


Updated 21.2.2012