Architecture / Space Planning

A good product requires a suitable environment. Only in a specific space does a furniture system reveal its true qualities and become a useful tool for the people who work there.

Working together with our customers, we want to give every office space a unique character. The right arrangement of objects, stimulating colours and materials, atmospheric conditions, lighting, acoustics and additional factors form the basis of an optimal interior.

We offer this service in the form of consultation and planning. In short: we design and outfit offices, call centres, conference rooms, reception areas, airports, museums, car dealerships, banks and much more.

Interior designers, furnishings planners and graphic artists carry out these tasks.

Finance and Controlling

Finance & Controlling is responsible for planning, guiding and carefully controlling the company's financial resources. To do this well, it must understand the tasks, methods and needs of its in‑house clients—the Vitra companies, both domestic and foreign, as well as the various departments.

We respond to the needs and concerns of the Country Managers and Division Heads with knowledge and competence. We help to ensure that internal processes are smooth and efficient. It is important for us to fulfil expectations and demands quickly, and we measure our performance against the high quality standards of Vitra.

Specialists with excellent language skills who operate internationally complete this demanding work for us.

Human Resources

Our customers are the employees of Vitra. We regard ourselves as a service centre—as a place where employees can find assistance for their individual concerns. We value direct communication and swift action. It is our aim that Vitra's employees find satisfaction and fulfilment in their work.

We provide competent assistance to leading management by acquiring, retaining and developing the 'human capital' of Vitra.